TILOS YouTube Channel

The TILOS YouTube channel features the following playlists:

SDSC Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is a week-long workshop run by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at UC San Diego. Aimed at researchers in academia and industry who have problems that cannot typically be solved using local computing resources, the workshop covers various topics in High Performance Computing and Data Science.

TILOS GitHub Repository

Open source software developed with contributions from TILOS members and accompanying publications.

Courses in Data Science and Machine Learning

TILOS supports the development of course modules by National University for their Certificate in AI and Machine Learning program, as well as Bachelor of Science and advanced degrees in Data Science.

Intel AI for Workforce

The AI for Workforce program provides current and future workers with key skills in artificial intelligence. Community colleges use more than 500 hours of AI content and professional training for faculty to develop AI certificates, augment existing courses, and launch full AI associate degree programs.

The OpenROAD Project

Launched in 2018 as part of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative, OpenROAD's mission is to democratize integrated circuit design and boost both hardware and electronic design automation innovation at scale. The project is led by TILOS member Andrew Kahng at UC San Diego's VLSI CAD Laboratory.