Data-Driven Robotic Art

The Data-Driven Robotic Art activity has students find the linear regression model for a two-variable dataset, then use that model to drive two servos representing those variables. This activity was first piloted in Fall 2022 in an after-school format with six high school students. We then brought it in-classroom for 38 students at Morse High School.

See this presentation for instructions describing how to conduct this activity. You can fill out this form for more information.

Data Science Discovery Bootcamp

In Summer 2023 we partnered with the Diversity in Data Science student organization at UC San Diego to host a week-long day camp for students in the Sweetwater Union High School district. The Data Science Discovery Boot Camp empowers underrepresented high school students with the skills and confidence needed to pursue a college education and careers in data science. In this week-long program, students are introduced to programming and data science with hands-on activities that work toward making the topic more approachable and understandable for students with little or no coding experience.

Field Trips to UC San Diego Campus

We hosted two field trips in 2022, the first in the Spring and a second in the Fall. Students took a tour of the UC San Diego campus, listened to lectures from faculty, and interacted with the entire pipeline of academia, from undergraduates and graduate students to postdocs and faculty.

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